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Holiday In Rajasthan

02.08.2018 11:24:22 - Rajasthan in my mind is the best Rajasthan tour operator in India. Explore Rajasthan tour packages and north India tour packages. Make your Rajasthan tour plan now and spend holidays in Rajasthan. India Rajasthan Tour is one of the best tours to enjoy and explore the land of royals. Book the tour at unbeatable prices.

( - How can you describe something that is as serene as the azure waters of the lakes or as wild as the roar of the Bengal tiger, something that is as rustic as the rugged terrains of villages or something as fine as the best crafted handicrafts, something immersed into the golden hue of the sand and something that exhibits the


riot of colors at the same time, how can you describe a land that is as royal as the legends of its mighty rulers and as unfathomable as the sand particles of its desert..

Rajasthan, the land of kings, the land that exhibits the royalty, the land that houses one of the largest deserts of India, the land that houses the cities that are color themed, the largest state of India. With all its opulent feature, the state of Rajasthan has become one of the most popular tourist destination. Encrusting in the layer of its opulence, without losing its vibrant essence, Rajasthan In My Mind brings you the well-crafted tour itineraries to explore the land that is ebullient and tranquil at the same time.

Our Rajasthan Tour Packages are crafted in various categories so as to serve the varying interests of travelers seeking to immerse into varying vivacious hues. Where the travelers with our Luxury Rajasthan Tour Packages can acquaint with the luxurious grandeur of the land along with a luxurious expedition to its wondrous cities, they can explore the rustic beauty of rural villages of the state along with experiencing the local lifestyle with our Rural Rajasthan Tour Packages. Our Tour packages are not restrained to exploring the heritage of the rich land under Heritage Tour of Rajasthan, they are also served in the wild platter to explore the untamed gems of Rajasthan, the wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks under Rajasthan wildlife tour. Amplifying it's grandiose are the special activities like camel safari, Elephant Safari, a jeep safari along the golden sands of thar Desert, capturing all of its raw and elegant beauty with lenses, and can be enjoyed with our Rajasthan Special Interest Tour. “To travel is to live, and to travel is to learn” , extending our Mantra of engaging in the tour industry, our Education Tour with Rajasthan is designed solely for the purpose of letting travellers explore the beauty of it along with learning its age-old art forms performed in textile industry and other and a deep exploration of its rich heritage, witnessing the artifacts and learning a lot about the mighty past with museums. Also catering the needs of our travelers having the time constraint, we have crafted Rajasthan same day tour to let the travelers explore the cities of Rajasthan in a day. Browse through our other tour categories that are designed solely for the purpose of making the best of Rajasthan tour experience.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with the best of tour experience. Our staff panel not only engages in crafting the tour itineraries and provide you with a well-defined tour-guide, we believe in celebrating the spirit of traveling and exploring and believes in rendering the same. Though all of the tour itineraries are built in consultation with tour experts but can be revised and customized as per the interest and need of our customer. So quench your wanderlust with the enigma of the splendor of Rajasthan with Rajasthan in My Mind and we promise you the best of services for the memorable tour experience that will surely be etched in your mind.

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