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11.04.2019 08:47:24 - High definition video content is becoming rampant as more and more countries are now transitioning into digital life.

( - High definition video content is becoming rampant as more and more countries are now transitioning into digital life. The ways to deliver High definition content in a bandwidth limited channel have become challenge in itself. To cater to such highly demanding broadcast & professional video markets, we require a compression / decompression standard that allows no compromise on the quality


of the video that has to be broadcasted over a bandwidth constrained networks. Broadcast / Professional Video markets are looking at H.264 as the right compression / decompression technology for such bandwidth limited applications and world leaders in such high end markets are already rolling out products that includes H.264 as thede-facto standard.

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Benefits of H.264 in Broadcast / Professional Video:

H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) video coding is standardized by ITU-T in association with ISO / IEC MPEG, they are together called the Joint Video Team (JVT). To cater to wide variety of applications ranging from low data rate low resolution consumer application to high quality content creation applications, H.264 standard supports various profiles viz. Baseline, Main, Extended & High Profiles and extension to the existing profiles called Fidelity Range Extension (FRExt).

SKD3013 3 Channel HD Encode Modulator

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The broadcast / professional video markets require High quality video at higher frame-rates like 1080p60 performance. The fidelity range extension enables high quality video by supporting varied Chroma sub-sampling formats – 4:2:0,4:2:2 & 4:4:4 with greater color bit-depth ranging from 8-bit up to 12-bits and resolution ranging from QCIF (176x144) to Full HD (1920x1080), both progressive and interlaced scanning. It also supports adaptive block transform switching between 4x4 macro-block (MB) & 8x8 MB and weighted prediction for rapid changes or motion in the picture.

Latest developments in the standards such as aspect ratio and color space conversion are specifically aided for professional video application.

Some of the other standard features that H.264 is known for are as follows:

Multiple reference pictures

Intra / Inter Picture prediction

Motion compensation / estimation

Temporal & Spatial coding techniques



Entropy coding – CABAC / CAVLC

Network Abstraction Layer (NAL) unit

The H.264 video provides better picture quality for a given data-rate compared to its predecessors, at the cost of higher compute power for compression and decompression leading to varied implementations using standard PCs/servers, Embedded processors, ASSPs, DSPs and FPGAs.


DSP or FPGA based custom hardware are popular implementations for broadcast & professional video applications, which demands high performance and high quality video, which can be achieved only by using High profile standard or higher in H.264. Today with higher performance FPGAs being available it seems to be a better alternative for such demanding applications. These implementations are now possible using single FPGA, which otherwise would require farm of DSPs for doing the same job. FPGAs provide same degree of flexibility as DSPs making them more attractive.

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