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28.11.2017 15:13:12 - Setting smart goals for small companies is always great advice. Absolutely Floor Restore have shown that their dynamic and driven approach has paid dividends in their most recent publication of their growth figures.

( - Absolutely Floor Restore is a floor cleaning and floor restoration Company based in County Durham. With vast experience in the floor cleaning trade, they have attempted many ways to drive the growth of their Company forward. This approach has offered natural, yet impressive growth year on year.

Their most recent growth strategy was based around their website and the way in


which it promotes their services. It was decided that they would undertake an intensive optimisation programme. The basis of this programme was built up around their blog page and the way in which they promoted the work that they complete on a daily basis.

This fell seamlessly in line with their ongoing dynamic search engine optimisation strategy and has, as a result, offered extremely impressive results. When starting out on their venture they wanted to ensure that their goals were smart and measurable. Recent statistics show tangible success and this comes in the form of many elements in relation to their website and the way in which clients are using the site.

All results were based on the last thirty-day period and compared to the same period last year. Figures released show that sessions have increased by 37.93%. A session is the period of time a user is actively engaged with the website. Users to the site increased by 46.26% which is based on individuals who have initiated at least one session during the data range period.

Following on from this page views have increased by 54.91%. Page views are the total number of pages viewed. Pages per session increased by 12.31% which summarises the average number of pages viewed during any given session.

Further evidence that the site is providing value to its users is the reduction in bounce rate of 20.60%. A bounced session has a duration of zero seconds and shows that the viewer is finding no immediate value and directing immediately off the site. Continuous efforts are being made with regards to this as it is vital to capture the attention of potential clients.

Website owners are always looking for ways to drive new visits to the site. New visitors mean new opportunities and the fact that the percentage of new sessions has increased by 7.20% is the final jigsaw piece in the puzzle.

Mike Tinkler, owner of Absolutely Floor Restore commented:
“We are ecstatic to learn of us impressive results from our driven approach. Our determination to be the best at what we do means that we have to be continuously dynamic about all of our approaches. This needs to be cemented by the highest-level service and finishes that we are confident we can offer. We will continue to find new and innovative ways to improve and grow”.

Growth of any small business comes in many forms so it is incredible to share such impressive results. To identify a company with such experience, still looking for ways in which they can effectively communicate the incredible results they can achieve is astounding. Furthermore, to invest efforts into continuous growth and natural progression shows an insight into the determined nature of this Company.

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