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Eyeball camera market revenue forecast to report strong growth led by emerging new applications in night-vision surveillance

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15.05.2014 06:53:01 - Eyeball Camera Trends - a new market research report on

( - Engineered with curved sensors similar to the curvilinear human retina, Eyeball Cameras are projected to witness strong growth led by emerging new applications in night-vision surveillance, robotic vision, medical endoscopic imaging, football helmet cameras and mobile phone cameras.

Eyeball Cameras emulate the human eye, using similar principles of refraction and image formation. These camera systems inspired by the complex anatomy of


the human eye and its advanced and intelligent vision capability have the potential to take image capturing technologies to the next level. Continuous and effervescent developments in this space will, in the coming years, aid the development of bionic camera eye.

Eyeball Cameras, supported by deformable imaging elements, are expected to transform the image capturing process. The Eyeball Camera emulates the human eye, using the similar principles of refraction and image formation.

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