explore & share at 9th World Congress on Biopolymers & Bioplastics, London

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( - Explore & Share at
9th World Congress on Biopolymers & Bioplastics,
London, UK
(A solution for Current & Future Global Predicament)

August 26-27, 2019 London, UK
Since 2016, Biopolymer Congress has been contributing successfully to the global scientific research field. 8th World Congress on Biopolymers & Bioplastics was held during June 28-29, 2018 at Berlin, Germany with the theme “Biopolymer- A Drug to


heal the nature". Active participation of Scientists, Engineers, Researchers, Students and Leaders from the fields of Polymer Science, plastics, Green technology, medical, and Biomaterials is highly appreciated and made this event a blast.
Thanks to all of our Organizing Committee members, honourable guests, wonderful speakers, conference attendees and Media partners. With the success of Biopolymer Congress 2018 at Berlin, we are feeling proud to announce Biopolymer Congress 2019 conference with the theme “A solution for current & future Global predicament", is going to held in London, UK, during August 26-27, 2019.
Importance and Scope:

Over the past few years, global economic activities have increased a lot. This tremendous growth has raised serious problems about current important patterns of production and consumption. As the current society has increased its attention in understanding of the environmental aspects and its industrial practices, greater attention has been given to the concept of sustainable economic systems that rely on energy from undepletable source and materials. The use of biologically derived Polymers become as an important component of this global world.
The history of Biopolymer is not a long one. Various reasons are associated with the research and development of Biopolymers. Use of Bioplastics will make a tremendous change and will help rid of the conventional plastics, which is a welcome change.

Why to attend?
To take preventive steps for Global Predicament, Biopolymer Congress 2019 offers a fantastic opportunity to meet and make new contacts in the field of Bio materials, Polymer Science and engineering to discuss or to share ideas, by providing collaboration spaces and break-out rooms with tea and lunch for delegates between sessions with invaluable networking time for you.

The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program in upcoming year also which includes plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at the Biopolymer Congress 2019, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world. All members of the Biopolymer Congress organizing committee look forward to meeting you in London, UK.

Target Audience

• Eminent Scientists of Polymer Science & Chemical Engineering, Green Chemistry
• Polymer Research Professors and research fellows
• Students from Material science, Polymer Science and Technology & Chemical Engineering
• Directors of Polymer Manufacturing companies, Green Chemicals Companies
• Biopolymer Engineers, Polymer Science Engineers & Chemical Engineers
• Members of different Biopolymer, Waste Management, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering associations

Industry 40%
Academia 50%
Others 10%

Major Biopolymer Associations around the Globe:

British Plastics Federation
European Council for Plasticizers and Intermediates
American Coatings Association
American Chemical Society (Division of Polymer Chemistry)
American Physical Society Division of Polymer Physics (APS DPOLY)
Polymer Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI Polymer Division)
Belgian Polymer Group (BPG)
Brazilian Polymer Association
European Polymer Federation
Bioenvironmental Polymer Society

For more details of conference sessions and abstract submission, please visit

Contact information:
Conference Series LLC LTD

Contact Person:
Sandra Lopez
Program Manager
Phone: 7025085200
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Sandra Lopez
Phone: 07025085200


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