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Charpak Master Scholarships 2017’ are now open

Embassy of France in India launches Charpak Master Scholarship

11.03.2017 11:59:47 - Charpak Master Scholarships 2017’ are now open; The Embassy of France in India launches
Charpak Master Scholarship for Indian students

( - Embassy of France in India launches
Charpak Master Scholarship:

Friday 10th March 2017 on Campus France India website

New Delhi, 9th March 2017

The Embassy of France in India has announced that applications to the ‘Charpak Master Scholarships 2017’ are now open at ... Named after French physicist and Nobel Prize winner Georges Charpak, the scholarship supports students from India pursue one-year


or two-year Master’s degrees in France in a variety of fields: from law and management,science, engineering, to art and design.

In 2017, the Embassy of France will offer 500 scholarships to Indian students. Last year 370 Indian students received scholarships, the increase in the number of scholarships is a part of the ambitious program that the Embassy of France through Institut français en Inde has developed to welcome 10 000 Indian students by 2020

In 2016 France welcomed more than 4,200 Indian students in French institutions, out of the 370 scholarship owners, 120 students received Charpak Master Scholarships. Selection to Charpak is based on a student’s academic excellence (no CGPA/percentage cut-off required) and the consistency and quality of their statement of purpose. Knowledge of French is considered an asset however it is not mandatory.

As French Government Scholarship Awardees or ‘Boursiers du Gouvernement Français’, scholarship winners receive added advantages, such as medical insurance and social security coverage, visa fee waivers, living allowance, tuition fee waivers. affordable housing solutions in France.

Application is now even simpler through the online platform launched this year. Besides the Charpak Master scholarship, students can also apply for Exchange Programme or a Research Internship as per their eligibility. The scholarship portal maintains a transparent database of scholars, avoids duplicate applications, uploads relevant documents and allows students to view status of their application.

The Embassy will soon call for applications to ‘Charpak Exchange Autumn 2017 – Autumn Session’. This scholarship is open to exchange students from all fields enrolled in an Indian institution, and supports study in France at the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level for a period of one to four months (one academic semester).

More info on Charpak Master Scholarship & online application form: ..


Charpak scholarships: The Charpak scholarship programme, run by the Embassy of France in India, is named after French physicist and Nobel Prize winner Georges Charpak (1924-2010). He served in the French Resistance during World War II and was deported to the Dachau Nazi concentration camp when he was 20 years old. Charpak survived and, at age 30, received a PhD in Nuclear Physics. His later findings significantly advanced civil nuclear engineering and biomedicine. After receiving his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992, Charpak became a tireless advocate of the hands-on approach in science in elementary schools. His work lives on in tens of thousands of classrooms in France today.

The Charpak programme offers three types of scholarship at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels:

Research Internship Programme
This scholarship programme is offered to students of economics, engineering and science background at the Bachelor’s or Master’s levels who plan to undertake an internship at a French laboratory during their academic break (May to July).

Exchange Programme(Jan-Jun or Sept-Dec)
This scholarship supports exchange students for a period of one to four months (duration of an academic semester) at the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree levels.

Master’s Programme
This scholarship supports one to two years of study in France at Master’s level.

Campus France is a governmental agency promoting French higher education, functions under the Embassy of France in India. The centers are established in twelve major Indian cities: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow and Jaipur.

Any Indian student can schedule a meeting with a Campus France counsellor, who provides all documentation and advice on studies in France, and, if requested, contacts the student’s target French institutions with their application. Campus France organizes direct meetings between French academies and Indian students in various Indian cities on a biannual basis.

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