Economical vacuum solutions for plastics processing

The Mink MV 0602 B dry claw vacuum pump is exceptionally well-suited for use in plastics processing

04.12.2017 14:16:18 - Busch at Fakuma 2017

( - Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems offers tailored vacuum solutions for all applications in plastics processing and treatment. At Fakuma in Friedrichshafen from 17-21 October Busch will present its latest generation of Mink MV claw vacuum pumps, which are ideally suited for pneumatic conveying and degassing plastics.

Busch specializes in vacuum applications in plastics processing and treatment. With its new Mink MV


series, it offers reliable vacuum generators that distinctively stand out due to their high efficiency level. The Mink MV dry claw vacuum pump is a further development of the tried-and-tested Mink MM series, which is seen as the proven standard in many industrial sectors. Busch also offers its Mink claw vacuum pumps in explosion-proof versions in accordance with the ATEX directive, specially developed for use in sensitive processes to ensure the highest possible level of safety.

Mink MV claw vacuum pumps are available in five sizes, with pumping speeds from 300 to 1,200 cubic metres per hour; covering the full range of pumping speeds required in pneumatic suction conveying. In addition, they are also extremely suitable for use as individual vacuum modules in centralized vacuum supplies, to which several conveying systems can be connected. Centralized vacuum systems of this type enable the efficient supply of vacuum to entire plants.

Due to its sophisticated claw vacuum technology, the Mink MV achieves an extraordinarily high level of efficiency, which has a positive effect on pumping speed and energy consumption. Mink MV claw vacuum pumps work extremely efficiently, enabling potential savings of up to 60% with respect to total operating costs when compared to coventional vacuum generators. Mink MV claw vacuum pumps can also be directly adapted to the power requirement using frequency control. As a result, it is possible to comply precisely with a defined pumping speed, even under changing process conditions, or to constantly guarantee a specific vacuum. This type of demand-driven control enables further energy savings in vacuum generation.


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About Busch:
Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is one of the world’s largest producers of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, blowers and compressors.
Its extensive product portfolio comprises solutions for vacuum and overpressure applications in all industries, including the chemical, semiconductor, medical technology, plastics, and food sectors. It also covers the design and construction of customized vacuum systems, as well as a global service network.
The Busch group is a family-owned company and is still managed by the Busch family. Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has 3,000 employees in more than 60 companies in over 40 countries worldwide. Busch is headquartered in Maulburg, in southwest Germany. This is the location of Busch SE headquarters, as well as the German production facility and German sales company. In addition to Maulburg, Busch also has its own production plants in Switzerland, the UK, Czech Republic, Korea and the USA.

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems was founded by Dr.-Ing. Karl Busch and his wife Ayhan Busch in 1963. Dr.-Ing. Karl Busch developed the “Huckepack”, which was the first vacuum pump that could be used for vacuum packaging of foodstuffs. The follow-up product, the compact “R 5” rotary vane vacuum pump, revolutionized food packaging. A further milestone represented the development of the “COBRA” screw vacuum pump. In 1971 the international expansion of the Busch group started with the founding of a sales company in the UK. The first production plant outside Germany was established in the USA in 1979.

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