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18.12.2017 17:16:19 - Competing with the massive men inside the organization isn't always clean, in particular on the subject of e-commerce as they have got bigger budgets to spend on advertising and marketing and advertising. But, this doesn’t mean that the arena of online advertising and marketing is closed to smaller game enthusiasts. There are lots of methods to stay one step in advance of big businesses and truly one among them is higher category descriptions.

( - Dallas, TX – Dec 15, 2017. Blogger khan posted their new article on why category descriptions are counted in e-commerce and why the smaller traders need to be aware of magnificence descriptions to get a leg up on the competition.

In line with good enough. Babar, a spokesperson for blogger khan, a small company advocacy blog, “competing with the massive guys


inside the enterprise is not easy, in particular with reference to e-commerce as they have large budgets to spend on advertising and advertising and marketing and marketing. But, this doesn’t imply that the arena of online marketing is closed to smaller gamers. There are lots of techniques to stay one step in advance of big businesses and one in every one of them is higher class descriptions.”

“Most e-trade websites have their merchandise identified by lessons to make it less tough for customers and themselves while doing the searching for and filter. Massive manufacturers do not have quite a few textual content on their class pages, but as an alternative go for an extra smooth appearance and permit the goods to communicate with themselves. They're capable of trying this due to the reality they do no longer need long elegance descriptions for search engine optimization juice as they'll be all ready seen to their clients and may provide you with the cash for to advertise. You are small, you cannot spend plenty of advertising. So that you ought to be smarter and use search engines like Google are your allies. You may use greater descriptive text at the pinnacle of your instructions to get better ranking on search engines and appeal to customers that way”, Babar similarly provides.

As Mr Babar explains, “write class descriptions that incorporate relevant prolonged-tail key terms as the short ones are extraordinarily competitive. Write them in a way that indicates your clients which you, in reality, understand what this elegance is prepared, what sort of merchandise and what shape of situations this class is suitable for. Inform a story if you could.”

Most e-commerce websites have their products identified by categories to make it easier for customers and themselves when doing search and filter. Big brands do not have a lot of text on their category pages, but rather go for a more clean look and let the products speak for themselves. They can do this because they do not need long category descriptions for SEO juice as they are already visible to their customers and can afford to advertise. You are small, you cannot spend much on advertising. So you have to be smarter and use search engines are your allies. You can use more descriptive text at the top of your categories to get better ranking on search engines and attract customers that way. See example picture.

Write category descriptions that contain relevant long-tail keywords as the short ones are extremely competitive. Write them in a way that shows your customers that you really understand what this category is about, what kind of products and what kind of situations this category is suitable for. Tell a story if you can.

Add internal links to subcategories to establish a site hierarchy. Search engines will crawl through these, index them and help you rank higher in search results. Not only that, but internal linking also improves site navigation and prompts visitors to view more pages and spend more time on the website.

It’s very important to update descriptions on a regular basis especially if your inventory changes.

Last but not least, don't be afraid to add other types of media to your descriptions. Recent polls have shown that users absolutely love videos. If you have the time and resources available, make short videos showing the product in use.

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