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19.07.2018 08:44:35 - Brian McShea and The Sidemen’s “Real People, Not Actors” Demands Attention According To NoDepression

( - Los Angeles,CA (July 18, 2018)…Brian McShea and The Sidemen have been keeping busy this summer releasing fresh new content prior to the release of their EP “Real People, Not Actors”. They released 3 singles off the EP over the last 3 months including: “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It”, “Stephanie” and “Mr. Davis, You’re Famous”. The full 5


track EP “Real People, Not Actors” was just released in its entirety.

“We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” has made its way from an under-the-radar small indie release, to trending on Spotify after being added to over 100 spotify playlists and the track has garnered over 15,000 streams since its recent release.

Additionally, with a stellar review from NoDepression, ( “Stephanie” has been gaining a lot of traction online as well.

“The sound of the band on "Stephanie" closely reminds listeners of the huge arena rock vibe of the Foo Fighters or Phish, while maintaining a really stunning personality and a somewhat ironic vibe that really makes the band stand out. The group’s energy and colorful performance value are an integral part of their sonic recipe and definitely what makes them stand out from the herd.
-NoDepression, Stacey Zering

It’s not often a small under-the-radar band new to the Los Angeles music scene (all are recent graduates from Boston’s Berklee School Of Music) gets noticed and covered by so many top notched publications as they have. Some of the places you can read about them include: No Depression, StoryAmp, Topix, Buzzjack, Drowned In Sound, KurrentMusic, The LA Downtown News, CNN iReport, Slate Magazine,, Patch, Performing Arts Live and other online and print publications; standing as a testament to their uniqueness, songwriting and overall performance talent.

Along with this EP, Brian McShea and The Sidemen just released a new music video for “Stephanie” on YouTube (, giving viewers a glance at the home life of Brian McShea himself. “Stephanie” is undoubtedly one of the many smash hits off this EP.

“Strike up the band, you make me wanna move.
Step up and dance, ‘cuz when I see you
Staring at me, I believe
-“Stephanie” Chorus, Brian McShea and The Sidemen

Keeping busier still, Brian McShea and The Sidemen are constantly keeping Los Angeles entertained with great live shows. Coming up are performances at the Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles on July 31 and August 26 they will play at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood. Recent past concerts have included: The Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go, The Escondite, State Social House, Hotel Café, Trip Santa Monica, The Mint and the Doll House to name just a few samplings of their busy tour schedule. Additionally, in May, they were perhaps the only non-local band selected to perform in Davis, CA at the Whole Earth Festival.

With their live performances, exciting new music crossing the barriers of Funk, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Jam-Band and Soul genres; and their engaging music video, Brian McShea and The Sidemen are well on their way to becoming one of the most prolific and diverse rock bands of their time.

The EP, Real People, Not Actors is now streaming on Spotify ( ), iTunes ( ), and Amazon ( ) and you can check out the ‘”Stephanie” music video on YouTube ( ).

About Brian McShea and The Sidemen: Brian McShea and The Sidemen is dedicated to creating music with a purpose. The songs connect listeners to the band by addressing commonalities of the human condition that she all share in terms of friendship, love, and relationships. Brian McShea and The Sidemen combine the styles of singer/songwriter, jazz, and alternative rock with their guitars, trumpets, and drum sections to create a unique sound and engage fans in an unforgettable listening experience.






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