Drug Companies See Long-term Business Case for Connecting Patients to Caregivers

08.03.2018 06:35:48 - Injection Devices, Software Apps and Cloud Services Key Recent Initiatives According to Greystone Research Associates

( - (Amherst, NH) – Connecting patients and their caregivers is one of the hottest topics in healthcare. As with many initiatives that consultants would call disruptive, this one is being driven by advances in technology – specifically the Smartphone. With tens of thousands of apps currently available for little or no charge, consumers of healthcare are connecting to data sources and


medical professionals to manage a wide range of conditions – from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis to weight control and addiction. While prescription drug care trails lifestyle-related health markets in the number of connected users, we are forecasting that prescription drug-related adoption of connected products will triple in the next six years, reaching a cumulative uptake of 2.6 percent in 2024.

For prescription drug markets, patient connectivity is not as straightforward as creating a Smartphone app. A drug delivery device capable of logging user behaviors and transmitting data off-device to the Cloud is required. Activity surrounding the current generation of connected devices consists of three distinct development areas. The most advanced segment from a commercialization standpoint consists of wirelessly enabled devices that have been developed in partnership between device designer and drug developer and are drug therapy–specific. These products can be viewed as therapeutic drug delivery platforms that include the device and/or enabling hardware, product-specific software, and a patient gateway interface that allows users to take full advantage of the connectivity capabilities of the product to access, log and communicate data and information.

A second key segment consists of OEM connected devices – devices that incorporate wireless communication capabilities and which have been developed to be marketed to non-specific drug developers wishing to enter the market for connected devices but without contracting for a full device platform development program and the associated investment in cost and time-to-market. Companies operating in this segment include some of the well-known global drug injector suppliers.

Any analysis about the collection and transmission of personally identifiable medical information would be incomplete without assessing the role of data security Data privacy, data theft and data manipulation are just a few of the concerns and legal requirements for products and players in this market.

Patient connectivity in the management of chronic diseases and the issues and implications of data collection, transmission and management are detailed in a new and comprehensive report researched and written by Greystone Research Associates. Competing for the Connected Patient: Injection Devices, Apps, Clouds analyzes products, technologies, software, data movement and safety, market demand drivers, and strategic and economic factors, and provides profiles of market sector participants.

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