Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning Receives 2015 Best of Little Rock Award

18.11.2015 13:28:53 - Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning was recognized by the North Little Rock Award Program for their exceptional involvement in the community.

( - North Little Rock, Arkansas, November 9, 2015: Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning was recognized by the North Little Rock Award Program for their exceptional involvement in the community. They were given recognition for implementing programs that generate a positive competitive environment and provide the community with long-lasting value. Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning received the 2015 award for achieving exceptional marketing success


and presenting a positive image to customers and the entire community.

Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning instituted the Rosebuddies Loyalty program, which rewards members with coupons that save them money. This is one way the business rewards loyal customers and shows them how valuable they are to the business. Consumers who sign up for the loyalty program receive four annual coupons: Spring Cleaning on February 1st, Summer Savings on May 1st, Back to School on August 1st and Ringing in the Holidays on November 1st. Each of these coupons is sent out on an annual basis to reward loyal customers. The customer loyalty program is just one of the ways Desert Rose rewards consumers and makes a positive difference in their community.

Residents in the North Little Rock area can find out more information about the company’s services by visiting the Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning website. To speak with a company representative or get answers to more specific questions, the carpet cleaning company can be reached via phone at 501-690-3825.

About Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning: Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning has provided expert carpet cleaning services to the central Arkansas area since 1991. They employ only the best certified technicians in the region. They are focused on providing exceptional customer service. Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning offers residential and commercial carpet and rug cleaning.

Company: Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning

Address: 700 N Palm St.

City: North Little Rock

State: Arkansas

Zip Code: 72114

Phone: 501-690-3825

Fax: 501-771-9222

Email address:

Contact information:
Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning

700 N Palm St, North Little Rock, AR, 72114

Contact Person:
Lauren Seher

Phone: (501) 690-3825
eMail: eMail


Lauren Seher
Phone: (501) 690-3825


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