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Risk Update

President Biya wins another term in office amid claims of electoral fraud and irregularities.

Report Summary

This D&B Country RiskLine Report will help you analyze the risks, opportunities and likely


payment delays when doing business overseas.

It includes selected country risk information and provides a succinct risk indicator that assesses the risk of doing business in this country, given its current economic, political and commercial situation.

Revised weekly these 7 page reports help you monitor and evaluate the business trading conditions in a foreign country and typically provide a summarised view of the more detailed information contained in the D&B Country Reports.

Analysis includes:

  • A Country Risk Indicator

  • General Risk Trend

  • A guide to Payment Terms and Delays

  • Usual Terms of Credit

  • Key Economic Indicators with forecasts

  • Foreign Exchange / Bank Delays

  • An overview of the latest country risk developments

D&B Country RiskLine Reports are compiled by a team of highly skilled regional analysts who use exclusive data from D&Bís global network of reporting offices and worldwide information database. This information is supplemented by primary data from national and international sources and secondary data from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other multilateral organizations.
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DandB Country RiskLine Report

Risk Update

President Biya wins another term in office amid claims of electoral fraud and irregularities.

Sections include:

  • Country Risk Indicator

    • The 'DB' risk indicator provides a comparative, cross-border assessment of the risk of doing business in a country and encapsulates the risk that country-wide factors pose to the predictability of export payments and investment returns over a two year time horizon.

  • Risk Trend

    • A view of the country's overall risk trend

  • Key Facts

  • Country Overview

  • Trade Terms

    • Minimum Terms

      • The minimum form of documentation or trading method that DandB advises its customers to consider when pursuing export trade with the stated country.

    • Recommended Terms

      • DandB's recommended means of payment. The use of recommended terms, which are generally more stringent than minimum terms, is appropriate when a customer's payment performance cannot be easily assessed or when an exporter may wish to limit the risk associated with a transaction made on minimum terms.

    • Usual Terms

      • Normal period of credit associated with transactions with companies in the stated country.

  • Transfer Situation

    • Local Delays

      • The time taken beyond agreed terms for a customer to deposit money in their local bank as payment for imports.

    • FX/Bank Delays

      • The average time between the placement of payment by the importer in the local banking system and the receipt of funds by the exporter. Such delays may be dependent on FX controls, FX availability and the efficiency of the local banking system.

  • Trade and Commercial Environment

    • A concise assessment of developments and trends in the trade and commercial sectors that might affect the wider economy, an investor's returns and/or a firm's ability and willingness to pay its bills.

  • Economic Indicators

  • Export Credit Agencies

  • Local Currency Data

  • Exchange Rates

  • Risk Factor

    • A concise textual analysis of the current political and economic situation.


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