Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software Market in China 2008-2012

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software Market in China 2008-2012 - new market research report published

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12.12.2012 05:40:21 - Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software Market in China 2008-2012 - a new market research report on

( - Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools are computer-based analysis tools used for optimizing engineering tasks at every level of a product´s life cycle. The tools are used for engineering tasks such as: structural analysis, stress analysis, simulation, fluid dynamics, thermal analysis, planning, diagnosing, and test data analysis.
A detailed, accurate and reliable solution to the engineering problems is provided when the CAE software


is combined with the improvements in graphics displays, engineering workstations, and graphics standards. CAE software can be used on various types of computers, such as mainframes and super minis, grid-based computers, engineering workstations, and even personal computers. The choice of a computer system depends on the computing power required for the CAE application. Currently, the trend is more towards the use of engineering workstations.
Design engineers use a variety of CAE tools, which include large, general-purpose commercial solutions and many specialized programs. Solution to a single engineering problem frequently requires the application of several CAE tools. Product development also involves a validation phase; where physical prototypes are built and tested in real conditions. This phase consumes a lot of time and money. For example, in the automobiles sector, hundreds of cars have to be built (as prototypes) and subjected to a number of tests on various parameters. CAE enables one to build 3-D models and do testing, as in the real world conditions. This facilitates reduction in physical prototypes required, thus saving a lot of cost and time.
Chinese firms are increasing their investments in quality research, product design and manufacturing in order to create products suitable for the rapidly growing number of middle-class Chinese consumers. As a majority of product optimizations and changes in design are based on CAE software, the Chinese market for CAE software is expected to increase/grow in the coming years.
The report forecasts the size of the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software market in China over the period 2008-2012. Further, it discusses the key market trends, drivers and challenges and profiles some of the key vendors of this market.

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