Columbus Visa Immigration Lawyer Defends Immigrants in Various Cases

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02.09.2011 13:08:25 - Columbus visa immigration lawyer Jonathan Bartell defends immigrants in various cases, and recently overturned a plea deal in an attempt to keep his client from getting deported.

(live-PR.com) - Columbus, OHIO - Columbus visa immigration lawyer Jonathan Bartell ( www.immigrationman.com/) recently won and overturned a criminal case for a non-citizen who pleaded guilty to a trafficking and drug offense.
Bartell, a employment-based visas attorney ( www.immigrationman.com/Immigration/Employment-Vi ..) who also serves as a waiver lawyer, specializes in defending clients with immigration issues including obtaining a tourist visa ( www.immigrationman.com/Immigration/Non-Immigrant ..), and negotiates for lesser


penalties for criminal offenses.

"There are not many guys that do both," said Bartell of fighting charges ranging from drunk driving to murder and fraud.
On Aug. 12, he reopened a case and changed the guilty plea to keep a 45-year-old Jamaican client from getting deported for an aggravated felony conviction as a result of drug trafficking charges. He never had problems in his life up until maybe two years ago," Bartell said of his client who resided in the United States for almost 25 years. "The facts demonstrated that he wasn’t involved."

Bartell said his client was misguided by his previous lawyer to plead guilty to the allegations, despite the fact that he was more of a "look-out" man for the alleged transaction. Bartell argued for a minimum one year attempted drug trafficking charge to allow for probation. He wants to re-examine his immigration case now that his criminal case is successfully being pursued.

"We argued a U.S. Supreme Court case Padilla versus Kentucky for a defense," said Bartell of the case that advised criminal defense lawyers to tell non-citizen defendants of deportation risks associated with guilty pleas. Bartell tells clients not to plead guilty since there is “no relief in Immigration Court," where many find themselves ordered deported.

Dealing with immigration issues is something Bartell has personally experienced since he went through the process to help his wife obtain citizenship. "I have actually lived the immigration experience and know what everyone who files for a green card goes through,” said Bartell. "I've gone through that process.”

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