CiMi.CON Evolution USA – Transforming Intelligence into business value

20.06.2018 18:48:16 - The CiMi.CON Evolution USA 2018 (28.-30.11.2018) is a two-day conference that combines an insightful programme about the practical value and impact of CI with interactive networking sessions.

( - “Interesting to meet all players of CI, fruitful discussions and space for socializing” – that’s what European attendees loved about this year’s CiMi.CON in Berlin.

After this ongoing success in Europe, the leading platform on Corporate Intelligence is now moving to North America. The CiMi.CON Evolution USA 2018 (28.-30.11.2018) is a two-day conference that combines an insightful programme about the


practical value and impact of CI with interactive networking sessions. CiMi.CON Evolution USA 2018 fuels you with new ideas, new connections, new inspirations. From corporate intelligence experts to big data architects, innovation, strategy and knowledge management pros – whatever hat you wear or wherever you stand on the spectrum of corporate intelligence. The agenda is created by experts for experts. With the support of major influencers and leading stakeholders, we are working to uncover the real needs and challenges industries are facing.

Keynote speaker Roger Yoder (NetApp) and Matthew Bocian (Continental) share their experiences on Competitive and Market Intelligence. 150+ experts and decision-makers from across all sectors discuss real-world use cases for business development and innovation & growth strategies.

Key Topics

• Transforming Competitive and Market Intelligence into Business Value: Smart strategies to proof your value and to show that CMI matters
• Competitive and Market Intelligence in the Digital Era: Monitoring and analyzing new competitive disruptions: How can competitive intelligence cope with completely changing landscapes?
• Competitive Intelligence and Big Data: Implementing an infrastructure that makes data analysis possible
• Stakeholder Management: How to set up and lead an effective and successful CI-unit for a global company?
• Rethinking the technology strategy for efficient CMI: Determine which new technologies and methods will drive intelligence forward to the next stage of development
• Competitive and Market Intelligence as crucial fuel for Innovation: Is innovation possible without CMI?
• Assess the market potential for new growth areas: Decide which pain points and opportunities you should focus on now.

What’s in for you?

By being part of the CiMi.CON Evolution USA not only will you engage with your peers and possible future business partners, but you will also:

• Align CI with strategic goals: Learn how to transform your competitive intelligence team into a sophisticated strategic decision support function.
• Improve the CI performance: see real-world examples and case studies that show how companies have implemented best practices to track the performance of their competitive intelligence teams and improve their impact.
• Restructure the CI team for success: Learn how to develop proper reporting lines and implement a more strategic organizational structure that will provide greater visibility and generate greater strategic impact.
• Obtain higher CI budgets: Learn why top-notch companies are funding competitive intelligence with greater investments year after year – and how they reap the benefits of their increasingly important teams.
• Create a competitive intelligence culture: Learn how companies establish a culture of competitive intelligence to collect and share valuable information throughout the organization.
• Gain an insight on how to develop and integrate a full-scale CI unit in your enterprise.
• Join conversations and discussions about future tech and business trends in CI / MI.
• Find efficient solutions to your most pressing challenges.
• Hear do’s and don’ts on how to move toward the digital directly from top experts and enterprises.
• Take away tips and tricks of the effective and engaging stakeholder Management.

Get your spot for this interactive event on Corporate Intelligence in North America.

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Maria Willamowius
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