China Drinking Water Industry Survey Report, 2010

China Drinking Water Industry Survey Report, 2010 - new market research report published

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10.12.2012 00:21:32 - China Drinking Water Industry Survey Report, 2010 - a new market research report on

( - This report surveyed 600 consumers in mainland China concerning the consumption features of drinking water industry in August 2010. The main contents were as follows: habit of drinking bottled (barreled) mineral water, awareness of bottled (barreled) water brands, considerations while buying bottled (barreled) water, channels to know bottled (barreled) water, motivations to buy bottled water, bottled water price options, where


to buy bottled water, which type of barreled water is more acceptable, and the highest acceptable price of barreled water.

With regard to brand awareness of bottled water, Nongfu Spring took the lead with approximately 80% consumers´ recognition, followed by Master Kong and Wahaha, respectively with over 40% consumers´ recognition, and Uni-President, Robust and Nestle. The six brands played an important role in bottled drinking water market, and other bands were relatively less known to consumers.

Regarding to where to buy bottled water, above 70% consumers selected the supermarket and convenience store. In addition, the community store was also an important option, while the other channels such as newsstand enjoyed a lower rate. Thus, it can be concluded that the consumers will take two factors into consideration while buying bottled water: for convenience, such as convenience store and community store, and for low price, like supermarket.

The TV ad was the most important channel for consumers to know the barreled water, accounting for approximately 70%, followed by suggestion from a friend, recommendation by sellers and Internet ad, each covering over 40%.

Based on the survey, we have made an in-depth analysis of consumption features of current drinking water industry, delving into the consumption feature by gender, age, occupation, income, etc.

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