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Carol Mackela announces the release of Noon Skate

04.03.2018 16:59:23 - Carol Mackela is the author of Noon Skate, a novel about ice dancing. She is a gold dance medalist who enjoyed twenty years of ice dancing and is a competitive masters springboard diver.

( - Carol Mackela is the author of Noon Skate, a novel about ice dancing. She is a gold dance medalist who enjoyed twenty years of ice dancing and is a competitive masters springboard diver. Her paternal grandparents, Finnish immigrants, settled in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where her father was born. Carol grew up in Flint, Michigan and is a retired federal government


attorney. She lives in Northern Virginia near her daughter and son-in-law and their lively Siberian husky. Carol’s first novel On Your Feet! - a romance about ballroom dancing - received an Indie Excellence Award in 2009. Webpage:

Noon Skate:
Skaters Monica Jones and Brad Peltonen share a passion for ice dancing. From the moment Brad pulls Monica in for an unexpected but welcome kiss at the end of a skating session, she wonders whether they have enough in common for a relationship off the ice, and whether Brad really has eyes for another skater.

Monica, a single mom and paralegal in Center City, Michigan, has been working with a coach for six years through the test levels of ice dancing – bronze, pre-silver, silver, pre-gold – and is now skating at the gold level. If she passes the four gold dances at a test session, she will be declared a gold dance medalist, akin to a black belt in martial arts. Brad shares the same goal, practicing daily with Monica at noon skate.

When Monica loses almost everything except her life in a devastating apartment fire, she must postpone her upcoming ice dance test and come up with the funds for a new pair of very expensive skates. She must also deal with unsuccessful test sessions, Brad’s sudden illness and the loss of her job.

Available now at Amazon and Kindle.
On Your Feet!:
Margie Wilson, an amateur ballroom dancer, moves back to her hometown in Michigan to care for her mother and begins teaching ballroom dancing at the Williams Dance Studio. She falls in love with one of her students, despite his being off-limits because of their student-teacher relationship.

Monica Jones, another dance instructor and single parent, struggles to support her young daughter while trying to re-establish a relationship with her parents.

Tom Williams, the studio owner, fights to keep the studio afloat despite acts of nature, irresponsible employees and family surprises.

Find out if the Williams staff is successful in teaching their students to dance, and how much fun they have doing it!
Available now at Amazon and Kindle.

Taken from the Book Doctors:
Monica Jones stared with horror at the smoldering ruins of the apartment building that had been her home. She and her teen daughter had lost everything in the blaze and must now rebuild their lives.

Monica’s parents had disowned her after she became pregnant in high school, and she had struggled to provide for her daughter for years. Now a 37-year-old paralegal in Michigan, Monica races to the ice rink every day during her lunch hour for exercise, lessons and camaraderie. She dreams of a gold medal in ice dance (akin to a black belt in martial arts), an accomplishment that would represent years of hard work and considerable investment in coaching, ice time, and expensive skates. When Monica’s friendship with skating partner Brad Peltonen takes a romantic turn, Monica wonders if she and Brad have enough in common off the ice to make their relationship work. Will the apartment fire and its aftermath draw them closer or hasten the end of their romance?

When Brad suffers a medical emergency, Monica prays that he will survive to be her partner on and off the ice. She continues to work on the last dance she needs to complete her gold medal. Will she pass the test and become a gold medalist?

From the author: Monica was introduced in my first novel, On Your Feet! (Indie Excellence Award winner, 2009) (about ballroom dancing). As a gold medalist in ice dance, I have drawn on my 20 years of skating experience in writing Noon Skate.
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