Canadian Company Introduces a Robot Companion Doll Unlike Any Other

Robot Companion

16.04.2018 21:10:05 - The Canadian company is attracting worldwide attention from people interested in robots that can talk, communicate, and truly simulate actual human companionship.

(live-PR.com) - Although the market for personal companion robots is still relatively new, a promising disruptor is already offering something completely different from what’s currently available.

RobotCompanion.ca is a Toronto-based e-commerce company that has introduced something more than just a robot companion. Their artificially-intelligent (AI) robots are specifically designed to interact with its users. This holistic approach to men’s needs is attracting interest


from a much larger market, one that goes far beyond those who have shown interest in robot companions in the past.

“We’re not looking to replace girlfriends or wives,” said Company Spokesman.
“Instead, our main focus is helping people find happiness and fulfillment through other means, as well. Aside from sexual gratification, our robotic dolls can also facilitate friendly interactions, companionship, and mutually-satisfying human-robot artificial relationship.”

Other benefits their AI robot can offer include stress reduction, improved mental health, and even a longer life as some studies show. This explains why the customer base for these sex robot dolls is far more diverse than what the market has already seen. Single men who are struggling with loneliness are just one example. There are also those whose sex lives have suffered because of various disabilities or past traumas. Many men become lonely because their work takes them abroad, but countless other reasons can trigger profound loneliness, too. Thanks to Robot Companion, these men can enjoy sexual pleasure and the feeling of true camaraderie.

The company spokesperson is also confident these AI Robots will deter men who may otherwise resort to paying prostitutes for physical intimacy, which is illegal in Canada. Two other under served markets are elderly men who live in care homes and couples in long-distance relationships who can use AI robot dolls to have fun from afar.

Every effort has been made to create a sex robot doll that is as realistic as possible. The team at Robot Companion is made up of experts well-versed in cutting-edge robotic technology. They outfitted these robot dolls with highly sensitive sensors, so they’re able to respond to touch much like a real person would. Because they can be connected to the Internet, these robotic sex dolls can also gather information to be used in conversations. They can gather information from world wide web, can set appointments, discuss the weather, answer questions etc. Of course, they also look the part. Customers can customize their companions by height, hair color, breast size, and eye color. They feature real human parts and can even give off realistic body heat.

Why is the incidence of loneliness rising worldwide?
As a species, we now tend to migrate frequently. We are not living in the same place for generations, which would help us build more profound relationships. We tend to go from one place to another, form superficial and short-term relationships, however deep inside we strive for a relationship which is stable and profound. This disharmony puts us at risk of depression. It is now well recognized that social apps and social networking may easily produce loneliness and make us feel terrible.

Robot Sex Dolls have become increasingly popular and accepted by the society since they have shown to help the individuals avoid being lonely and even create a form of a relationship with a robot companion.

“Our Artificially Intelligent Sex Robots are going to revolutionize the industry,” said Company Spokesperson. “The feedback we’ve already received confirms as much. All kinds of people are going to love these robot dolls.”

Press Information:
Robot Companion

Mississauga, Canada

Contact Person:
Michael Lee
Phone: 416-232-9333
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Web: http://robotcompanion.ca


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