Busch solutions for Industry 4.0 at ComVac

Busch dedicated its appearance at this year\'s ComVac entirely to Industry 4.0

23.05.2019 10:16:39 -

( - The Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems trade show appearance received a great response from visitors to ComVac, the leading international trade show for compressed air and vacuum technology, held in Hanover, Germany. The interested trade show crowds were able to discover the topic of Vacuum 4.0 and the best-fitting innovative vacuum solutions at Busch.

Numerous visitors took the opportunity to talk


to the Busch vacuum experts. With Vacuum 4.0, Busch is focusing on the topic of vacuum supply connectivity. Visitors were particularly impressed by the innovative vacuum solutions for Industry 4.0. With the R 5 RA 0760 A PLUS, Busch presented its pioneering rotary vane vacuum pump, which can run with pressure control or at a constant speed, making it exceptionally energy-efficient. All its operating data are permanently recorded and stored, and a Modbus TCP/IP client/server protocol transmission enables external control of the vacuum pump via a PC. This allows for the full connectivity of the vacuum pump.

Visitors to ComVac also experienced the latest highlight in the Vacuum 4.0 universe for the very first time. Using the Busch VacuumApp, the experts at the booth demonstrated how customers can network their vacuum pumps more easily. By simply scanning the installed vacuum pumps, Busch customers can register them directly via the app, giving them access to all technical information. The app also makes it easy to order the appropriate maintenance kits and to contact the nearest Busch Service Center.

In addition to the two new features presented for the first time at ComVac, Busch also exhibited other vacuum pumps and its VacTest vacuum measurement equipment for monitoring and controlling vacuum processes. These gauges are designed to combine the latest advances in vacuum metrology with exceptional manufacturing quality, to provide an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of active vacuum measuring devices and controllers.

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is one of the world’s largest producers of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, blowers and compressors.
Its extensive product portfolio comprises solutions for vacuum and overpressure applications in all industries, including the chemical, semiconductor, medical technology, plastics, and food sectors. It also covers the design and construction of customized vacuum systems, as well as a global service network.
The Busch group is a family-owned company and is still managed by the Busch family. Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has 3,000 employees in more than 60 companies in over 40 countries worldwide. Busch is headquartered in Maulburg, in southwest Germany. This is the location of Busch SE headquarters, as well as the German production facility and German sales company. In addition to Maulburg, Busch also has its own production plants in Switzerland, the UK, Czech Republic, Korea and the USA.

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems was founded by Dr.-Ing. Karl Busch and his wife Ayhan Busch in 1963. Dr.-Ing. Karl Busch developed the “Huckepack”, which was the first vacuum pump that could be used for vacuum packaging of foodstuffs. The follow-up product, the compact “R 5” rotary vane vacuum pump, revolutionized food packaging. A further milestone represented the development of the “COBRA” screw vacuum pump. In 1971 the international expansion of the Busch group started with the founding of a sales company in the UK. The first production plant outside Germany was established in the USA in 1979.

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