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Branding is the key for business growth shares Sunderbharathi Co Founder of Go Lead Digital

14.04.2019 17:45:52 - Be it small or large, business always tend to stay busy, focused and determined to provide the output to their customers. Their energy is focused on building their firm and they lose the sight to brand themselves.

( - In the process of satisfying their customers demand most small firms forget to brand themselves. The result of which has led to closure of many startups and small agencies that are excellent with services however are not known to the required audiences.

Branding may seem like a big term to a firm who is not in good terms with marketing. However,


in simple words branding is making yourselves visible to the required audiences as a reliable service or product supplier. Think again, we are in the age of digital dominations where mobile phone has taken a major role in the 24hrs of our days’ time. How difficult can it be to be visible in your own local neighborhood, in your own city, in your own state, in your own country and go international thereafter?

The very best case example of how branding can work is Go Lead Digital. Sunder says, “It’s as simple as getting visibility. Today people use Google as anything and when people search for digital marketing in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai, we are there at the top search page. The best part of the ranking on top search is we don’t need to go after clients instead it’s the clients who comes to us to hire our services”. Visit their website for more information on Digital Marketing.

He went further to help small business with a tip that, “India is growing rapidly and this is the best time for local business to grow at a national level as the digital age is just catching up with major tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Small business can start as small as getting themselves listed in Google My Business.”

“Be it small or large it all started with consistent effort. Start today with the small seed of digital marketing to reap the benefits of branding and automated customer’s enquiry tomorrow” added Sunder.
Go Lead Digital is a mutual interest between Sunderbharathi and his partner Roshan Samuel turned into a firm. Their only aim is to bring in all the neighborhood businesses in the digital world with all their vivid services catered through the Digital Marketing Agency Services in Mumbai. Mumbai being the financial capital of India, seems to be a good place to build an empire and be the phase of chained activates of spreading awareness on the need for Digital Marketing for businesses across India.

Making people believe in your products and services is difficult in India with the number of Local Business competitors. Only branding your product and making it visible to the required customers can make your survive, grow and thrive in Indian Market. Go Lead Digital believes in organic medium using SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Only organic marketing can make your brand visible to your customers for a longer time and at the same time build the brand worth that people can look up too.

Go Lead Digital does not believe in Paid ads as it will require continuous funding and also at the same time once the ads are stopped the whole business will come to a standstill point.

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