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BQool introduces the BigTracker Chrome Extension – A Product Search Engine for Amazon Merchants

08.06.2018 08:56:08 - BQool releases the Chrome Extension plugin for its product research software, BigTracker, which is available for free download.

( - Taipei, Taiwan – 7th June 2018 – BQool Inc., the creators of smart solutions for Amazon sellers, launched a Chrome extension for its product research tool, BigTracker, as part of the company’s continuous efforts to bring smart and automated solutions to its customers. The Chrome extension is part of the BigTracker software that helps online retailers to identify trending products


to then sell on Amazon.

BigTracker is an user-friendly product research and scouting software, particularly suitable for Amazon sellers searching for future hot selling products. Sellers will see their profit margin increase significantly, by leveraging this intuitive tool to dig out future stars in their own portfolio. User can perform multi-facet data analysis in a timely and effortless manner, so as to track the performance, demand trend, profitability, and competitive advantage of the product. In addition to huge database of more than 10 million+ records of data, BigTracker has the most accurate estimated sales on the market of sales tracker, as well as highlighted features of attach listing and product discovery filter, to fit various needs of different types of sellers. Sellers can constantly monitor information such as the estimated order, inventory number and sales rank (Best Seller Rank or BSR) in BigMovers Scoring System and analytical data presented in Product Tracker, and evaluate the product potential.

Compared to traditional methods of product research, which often includes arduous tasks such as copying and pasting information from Amazon into a spreadsheet, the BigTracker Chrome Extension alleviates this time-consuming task. Users can view comprehensive Amazon product data within seconds.

The BigTracker Chrome Extension aggregates all of the users’ required information on to one single page while searching on Amazon. It calculates all of the data, which includes the average sales, average prices, and the average rank of the listings that users have searched. Furthermore, the BigTracker Chrome Extension automatically displays comprehensive information such as the Buy Box price, Sales Rank, Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue, Number of Reviews and Amazon Fees.
The BigTracker Chrome Extension also allows users to click to view the Historical Price and Rank Data. If users spot trending products that they’re interested in, they can add these products to the product tracker to start tracking.

It simplifies product research work with just one click and has proven to be a game-changing Amazon product research tool. The BigTracker Chrome Extension allows Amazon sellers to concentrate on selling products and making money, rather than spending hours, even days on administrative tasks.

The BigTracker Chrome Extension Lite is currently available for free download and a free trial is offered for the Pro version. Learn more about the BigTracker Chrome Extension at

About BQool
BQool Inc is a SaaS company which was founded on the idea that Amazon sellers should always have access to the most innovative software solutions available. BQool is committed to simplifying the day to day tasks that all Amazon sellers face, whether that be dynamic repricing, competitor research, feedback and reviews management or discovering the most profitable products to sell.
Furthermore, BQool is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. With advisors around the globe, you can rest assured that any questions will be answered efficiently by BQool's team of experienced representatives. For more information about BQool, visit

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