Travel and Tourism in Austria to 2017

Austria tourism market: Domestic & international tourist numbers set to rise

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( - Austria witnessed an increase in tourism activity during the review period. The decline in international arrivals in 2009 was compensated by the increase in domestic tourism. Over the forecast period, the country is expected to witness an increase in the number of visitors, both domestic and international, as well as an increase in tourist expenditure.

The key reasons for growth are


improving economic conditions in the European region which accounts for the majority of international arrivals to Austria, tourism promotion activities undertaken by the Austria National Tourist Office (ANTO), increasing air capacity and an increase in demand for health-and-wellness tourism. The key tourism offerings are the country´s distinctive central location in Europe, winter sports activities, its cultural and historical heritage, museums and palaces across the country, and serene landscapes.

Austria´s central location in Europe, at the intersection of trade and travel routes, is beneficial not only for the travel and tourism sector but also in terms of investment and business. As of 2012, headquarters or production sites of more than 300 international companies are located in Austria, of which 28 are Fortune 500 companies.

Outbound tourism from Austria is also encouraged by the attractive outbound packages and deals offered by tour operators and airlines. Austrian Airlines, the leading airline in Austria, launched a new charter service called myHoliday, replacing Lauda Air Luftfahrt GmbH which connected holiday destinations in Europe and North Africa. Starting in April 2013, the airline will run flights to destinations previously served by Lauda Air, with some new additions such as Mallorca, Volos Island and Palermo.

To attract customers and gain market share, airlines provide customers with unique services at competitive prices. Austrian Airlines, Austria´s flag carrier airline, launched its new business class service in April 2013. The service is aimed specifically at business travelers, providing in-flight facilities such as extra storage space, seats convertible to full flat beds, and built-in massagers. The airline also provides all passengers with an in-flight chef.

The growth of online travel intermediaries can be attributed to the increasing internet penetration in the country. According to Internet World Stats, there were over 6.5 million internet users (79.8% of the total population) in Austria as of June 2012. In the five-year period from 2005 to 2010, the number of internet users increased by 26%. Additionally, according to Statistics Austria, during the 12-month period from April 2011 to March 2012, 48.5% of Austrians bought goods and services online.

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