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AOC adds three new monitors to their mainstream gaming line-up

Full focus on the game thanks to “3-sided frameless” design: the AOC G2590PX from AOC’s new G90 series

19.12.2017 10:09:46 -

( - Amsterdam, 19 December 2017 – Display specialist AOC today introduces three new gaming monitors which extend their successful mainstream gaming line represented by the well-received G2460PF and G2460VQ6. In addition to their appealing “3-sided frameless” design, the new G90 series boasts an impressive set of specs and features, guaranteeing a top-notch gaming experience: A refresh rate of 144 Hz and


AMD FreeSync technology provide smooth gameplay without stuttering, tearing or motion blur, and a 1 ms response time eliminates ghosting effects. The new G90 displays offer AOC Low Input Lag Mode and AOC Shadow Control as well as a handy stand that can be easily mounted and removed without screws – perfect for LAN parties and esports tournaments!

Top-notch gaming performance
AOC’s G90 series offers models in two sizes: the 24.5″ AOC G2590VXQ and AOC G2590PX as well as the 27″ AOC G2790PX. All of them feature a frameless 16:9 Full HD TN panel (1920 x 1080 pixels), a short 1 ms response time to eliminate annoying ghosting effects, a high refresh rate (G2590PX and G2790PX: 144 Hz, G2590VXQ: 75 Hz) and FreeSync support. The latter reduces stuttering, tearing and input lag for an even smoother gaming experience. The AOC Low Input Lag Mode gives gamers an additional edge: it bypasses most of the monitor’s internal video processing, which results in even more responsive gameplay. Titles with a very dark map design especially benefit from the AOC Shadow Control feature: it lightens overly dark screen areas and darkens bright parts without affecting the rest of the screen.

Slick design, convenient features
With their simplistic “3-sided frameless” design, the G90 monitors are not only a pleasure to look at. They also let players focus on the game, allowing seamless 3-monitor set-ups for next-level immersion. To protect players’ eyes throughout long gaming hours, the G90 series offers AOC Flicker Free technology against eye fatigue and the AOC Low Blue Light Mode against potential long-term effects from harmful blue light. For a healthy posture while playing, the G2590PX and G2790PX also come with an ergonomic monitor stand which can be adjusted in height, swiveled, tilted and rotated (pivot). For a fast and easy setup at LAN parties, esports tournaments and other gaming events, the stands of all G90 models can be mounted and removed within seconds - without using a screwdriver. Thanks to built-in stereo speakers, users can enjoy games and entertainment without additional speaker or headphone solutions.

A variety of connectors such as DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and USB 3.0 (G2590PX and G2790PX) makes the G90 monitors compatible with a broad range of input sources and devices.

The AOC G2790PX is already in stores as of December 2017, followed by the AOC G2590VXQ in January 2018 and the AOC G2590PX in February 2018. The MSRPs are £309, £159 and £249 respectively.

Technical specifications

Model G2590VXQ G2590PX G2790PX
Display 24.5″ (62.2 cm) TN
@ 75 Hz 24.5″ (62.2 cm) TN
@ 144 Hz 27″ (68.6 cm) TN
@ 144 Hz
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Sync technology FreeSync
(30-75Hz range) FreeSync
(30-144Hz range) FreeSync
(30-144Hz range)
Connectors 2 x HDMI
1 x DisplayPort
1 x VGA

Audio out 2 x HDMI
1 x DisplayPort
1 x VGA

USB 3.0

Audio out 2 x HDMI
1 x DisplayPort
1 x VGA

USB 3.0

Audio out
Features 3-sided frameless
Simple stand
Stereo speakers
1 ms GtG response time 3-sided frameless
Ergonomic stand
Stereo speakers
1 ms GtG response time 3-sided frameless
Ergonomic stand
Stereo speakers
1 ms GtG response time
Launch in Europe January 2018 February 2018 December 2017
MSRP £159 £249 £309

Contact information:
AOC International (Europe)

B.V. Prins Bernhardplein 200,
6th floor 1097 JB Amsterdam

Contact Person:
Anna Stefańczyk

Phone: +31 205046950
eMail: eMail


Peter Link
Phone: +49 30 7890760


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