Advantage of fully adjustable dental articulators in dentistry

artex cr articulators

13.03.2019 09:41:34 - fully adjustable dental articulators offers great performance of model production.

( - The newly developed fully adjustable dental articulator are made out of high-strength and light aluminium. Therefore the Articulators perfectly fit for daily use. This type artex cr articulator has an adjustable Bennett-angle and a variable condylar track inclination.

Dental articulator feature

With NON-ARCON construction,this type artex cr articulator has ability of adjusting Bennett-angle from 0° to 25° with an easy-to-read measuring scale,Condylar


track inclination from -15° to +60° continously adjustable,which offers great flexible model production.

The one of this dental lab supplies most remarkable design is non-slip knurled screws for locking the bennett-angle and the condylar track inclination,uncomplicated determination of the bonwill-triangle.

As it is centric click lock and calibration system,it offers the great accuration restoration information and save time both for the dentist and laboratory technician.

The quick mounted magnetic system offer quick,precise,and easy placement and removal of mounted casts dental lab model.The final purpose is saving of time and money.This magnetic dental articulator is design similar as amann girrbach artex system bn articulator dental calibrated one.The magnetic base system is round type which will save lots of the plaster and other necessary dental lab material consuamble.As it is with the calibrtion function,it can be applied for the facebows dental articulators as well.When dentist make the general diagnosis of the patient impression bitting information via the dental facebows,this magnetic dental articulator can transfer the restoration model to the dental laboratory technician.There is no need quantity of dental articulators any more,and no need of delivering the articulators restoration model from dental clinic any more.Beacuse of the magnetic dental articulator calibration from the dentist and dental laboratory will offer and get the corresponding information relativily.

What is magnetic system of dental lab articulator
The magnetic articulator mounting plates base can be workable for multi-time,while the upper plastic former base molds for the plaster model making will be delivered to the dental technician.Both the dentist and technician will work for the same information of the restoration model based on the personalized patient cases due to the dental articulators calibration.That is why these products are guaranteed to help make your dental lab and denture work much easier,faster,and enjoyable all-around. They are able to do this by ensuring easy removal and not losing important settings of the model you arere working on.

It becomes very easy for the dentist and dental laboratory station for the model restoration communication.

The purpose of precision of calibration is such that deviations can be brought down to below 10 μm,So that the patient can get the very specific and satisfied restoration result,of course there will be never complaints from patients any more.

The function dental articulators we design is the similar as amann girrbach bn artex dental articulator;however,It presents excellent precise funtional model production in dental laboratory with great prices for dental lab technician.

Is it compatiable with the amann girrbach artex system? Yes,it is 100% similar design as the artex bn articulators calibrated.Therefore both the dentist and dental laboratory can save a financial budget,however;it presents the good and specific restoration performance.

Feature of type artex articulators
a,adjustable functional components made from aluminium and stainless steel;

b,Fullfilled via magnetic mounting base plate;

c,Fixed condyle with a 19 mm path radius

d,Fixed average sagittal condylar path inclination of 35°

e,Fixed Bennett angle of 15°

Facebow articulator magnetic with set up casts

An articulator is a mechanical gadget used in dentistry to which casts of the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth are fixed, reproducing recorded positions of the mandible in relation to the maxilla. An articulator assists in the fabrication of detachable prosthodontic home equipment (dentures), constant prosthodontic restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays) and orthodontic appliances.

artex dental facebow articulators

An articulator which is adjustable in one or more, but now not longer all of the following areas: condylar angle, Bennett side-shift, incisal and cuspid guidance, and shape of the glenoid fossae and eminintiae. By nature, this kinds of articulator’s use is only meaningful if the role of the maxillae are duplicated with respect to the hinge axis of the mandibular condyles.The majority of these articulators once more have straight condylar paths, then again the path attitude may additionally be changed, allowing the patient’s condylar angle to be programmed into the articulator . This is nevertheless now not a true illustration of the articular eminence as it is a flat condylar pathway. Some semi-adjustable articulators have commonprice Bennett shift/movement built into the condylar head element, replicating the average head shape of the condyle . This mimics the motion of the condyles better than some ball-shaped condylar heads located on different articulators Normally this is achieve via the use of a facebow transfer to a articulator.

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