ACEX keeps precious cargo under Guard

06.07.2018 15:14:49 - ACEX professionals organized the delivery of art objects for the Tretyakov gallery.

( - ACEX professionals organized the delivery of art objects for the Tretyakov gallery. The icons of XIII-XIX centuries were delivered from Sofia to Moscow. The ACEX team picked them up at the airport, made the customs clearance and delivered art objects to the gallery. The icons were transported in the individual packages, which were padlocked. All along the way from the


Domodedovo airport, there was a cargo escorting, which had been provided by a special security firm.
The National Historical Museum in Bulgaria will present the exhibition of icons in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. The exhibition is organized with the assistance of Boyko Kotzev, the Ambassador of Bugaria in Russia, and Pavel Vasev, the director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow.
ACEX has a solid experience in transportation of art objects and precious cargo, among which is transportation of valuable music instruments of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (the Stradivari violin, 1713, at the cost of 1,5 MIO Euro; Guarneri violin, 1867, which cost is equal to 1,4 MIO Euro, Rogerís violoncello, 1696) historical values from Bulgaria ( imperial things, weapon and ancient icons), the sapphire that weights 300 kg from Russia to China, the two-meter statue that is made from the valuable Brazil wood Paubrasilia and many other cargo, that need special attention and responsibility.

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About ACEX group:

ACEX is an international freight forwarding Group of companies providing transport and logistics services all over the world for more than 20 years.

Company offices are concentrated in the key larges cities in Russia, Baltics and Finland. The representative offices of our network partners are located in more than 200 countries. ACEX Group operates more than 30 000 sqm of warehouse facilities, set up in major economic hubs of the European Union and CIS countries.

Head offices of company located in Russia and Latvia.
Our possibilities and services on international forwarding are:
- Air freight transport
- Ocean freight of less than container loads (LCL)
- Ocean freight of full container loads (FCL)
- Transportation of less than truck shipments (LTL or consolidated)
- Multimodal transport
- Warehousing in consolidation terminals
- Insurance coverage
- Project cargo deliveries
- Dangerous goods deliveries
- Export and import Customs clearance

Our primary goals are:
Attracting interest of the partners to logistics in the area equal to 1/6 part of the world with a population exceeding 250 million people where the distances from different points within the country limits are comparable to the distance between the continents.

Our goal is to maximally simplify business for our clients and partners, to adapt it to the accustomed rules of the developed world, promptly adjust the logistics procedures to the fluctuating internal and external factors.

About ACEX Alliance:

Associated Cargo Experts (ACEX) Alliance - is an association of independent logistics companies, primarily in Russia and also in the CIS countries and worldwide.

Freight forwarders from different regions and countries are invited to join the alliance. We are waiting for like-minded people, the best local forwarders in their areas and regions who do not have their own global international coverage, but still wish to develop and expand their international business.

Nowadays in the existing market conditions small and medium-sized companies canít exist and be successful alone, focusing only on their sector-specific regional market. Competition from the large multinational corporations is becoming tougher and stronger.

By joining the alliance, forwarders together will get a full range of logistics services in any field as air, sea, land transportation, customs clearance, warehousing services or express delivery.


Our goals are clear and close to every forwarder, who acts at his own risk in complicated market conditions (exchange rates fluctuations, unstable legislation and lack of reliable partners) and include but are not limited to:

creating a platform for sharing experiences and technologies, which would help participants to compete with global multinational integrators, using their knowledge and working skills as local operators (freight forwarders, customs brokers, transportation companies, warehouse operators);
creating the possibility to choose among the strongest and the most reliable partners abroad, receiving rates straight from the source, without intermediaries;
establishing unified standards of service based on the best experience of the strongest and the most successful companies;
consolidating various freight flows, building logistics supply chains, uniting capabilities and expertise for entering new international markets and expanding the clientsí base;
increasing profits and reducing expenses of each independent group partner who enters the alliance.
Each member of the Alliance is able to make decisions within the whole group, and any voice is important and decisive.

The goal of the alliance is not a merger of different companies, it is the maintenance of the individuality of each member, its flexibility and uniqueness, the multiplication of these qualities in a single concept, which will allow each single member and all at ones to say their word in the logistics and to be heard by local and international market.

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