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A New Guide of Recessed Lights was released

09.04.2019 18:47:53 - We have released a new guide on how to select the recessed lighting. In this guide, you will find the applications, as well as the pros & cons of using recessed lights at home.

( - Lighting is an essential ingredient when it comes to home decoration. Proper lighting helps to perform tasks easily, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and enables you to appreciate your home to its full potential. Nowadays recessed lights are an option that when used strategically, can not only be a stylish addition to your home but also increases functionality. Learn


how these hidden, sleek lighting fixtures can brighten your home.

What are Recessed Lights?

Recessed lights are light fixtures that are installed in the ceiling (but you can stick them in walls and in ground too) to give accent and ambient to your home. It is a great design idea that will shed light on your space in an unobtrusive way. Recessed lights are also called downlights, pot lights, high hats or can lights, depending on which part of the world you belong. No matter what you call, recessed lights are the quickest way to illuminate and update your home.

When to use recessed lighting

Choosing between using recessed lights or ceiling lights can be a challenge. So, it is important to understand the difference between the two before making your choice.

Ceiling lights often use fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs, which often comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. They provide sufficient lighting for the entire room. But, in cases where a single or a few ceiling light fixtures cannot provide sufficient lighting, it's best to go for recessed lighting to avoid clutter. Recessed lighting can be used when you want ambient lighting, accent lighting or create an effect like 'wall washing' in your room. It is a great choice to illuminate your room with a minimalistic approach. Recessed lights are a great option in houses with low ceilings as they do not protrude from the ceiling.

Applications of Recessed lightings

Recessed lightings are installed above the ceiling, and so this type of lighting has an opening that is flush with the ceiling. These lights send a relatively narrow band of light in one direction, and can be used to provide ambient, accent or task lighting. It is commonly used over kitchen countertops, within furniture, outdoors, home desk, spotlight a gallery and so on.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting offers an overall illumination to a room, and is intended to create a uniform light throughout the space. It serves as a primary source of light to a room, in addition to improving the sense of warmth and depth of a room. Recessed lightings are a great choice for accomplishing ambient lighting.

Accent lighting

It accentuates a particular object and recessed lights are commonly used for this purpose rather than as a sole light source for the room. With adjustable fittings, recessed lightings allow light to be focused precisely on a particular object. Because, recessed lights are unobtrusive, it blends nicely with contemporary, clean or minimalist interiors.

Task lighting

It is mainly intended to illuminate a particular function in your room; like kitchen counters where food is prepared, home office desk where paper work is done, spotlight a gallery wall, and living room areas where reading takes place. Recessed lights are a great choice to add illumination to a particular function in your home.

Advantages of using Recessed lights:

Recessed lights are suitable for use in any space and offers many other benefits that includes:

Enhances home décor

Recessed light adds a touch of style and modernity to your home. Due to its precise and ambient lighting capabilities, you can adjust your home's illumination as per your need. By illuminating certain portions of your room, such as paintings, sculptures and important artworks, you can feature the place more modern

They are safe

Recessed lights are embedded into the ceiling, so there is no risk of dangling cords. Also, recessed lights installed in staircases, can prevent stair related injuries by providing an important source of light during night times.

Environmentally friendly design

Recessed lights are extremely friendly to the environment as they are 85 percent more efficient than your conventional light fixtures. In addition, recessed lightings are free of mercury, thus making them non-toxic to the environment.


Recessed lights are lightweight and they require very little support to hold them up effectively.

They can be installed anywhere

Recessed lights can be installed anywhere including sloped or vaulted ceilings, which are often challenging to work with.

Space saver

Recessed light fittings are a great option if you have low-ceilings or looking forward to illuminate a particular room that is small. This is due to the fact that recessed lighting is flush within the ceiling and do not protrude from the ceiling thus allowing more headspace.

Disadvantages of Recessed lights

Recessed lights are unobtrusive and sleek, however they come with the following disadvantages.


Most of the basic recessed lights do not offer the flexibility to change orientation of light bulbs as needed. If you want adjustable recessed lights that offers rotation and swiveling action, then you'll have to purchase specially designed one that could be little pricey.

Installation problems

Installation of recessed lights are quite difficult, as it requires cutting holes in the ceiling drywall in various places.

Not portable

In contrast to other light fixtures, recessed lights are permanent and you cannot take them to your new home, in case you want to.

Moisture issues

Another potential issue with recessed lighting is the moisture leakage. Installing them in areas of high moisture like shower area, can trap moisture into the ceiling spaces, causing mold and other problems.

Need more bulbs

While the issue of unbalanced illumination is resolved by using recessed lights, it needs more bulbs to achieve a good amount of brightness.

Reconfiguration of electrical wiring

With increased bulbs, you may need to reassess your electrical wiring requirements and may have to spend for upgrades if you don't have enough wires and receptacles.

Recessed lights are extremely versatile, easy to place, and accent, and provide unlimited design and style functions. It is an energy efficient and attractive option for uniform, effective illumination and certainly worth considering for your home.

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