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19.06.2018 13:13:06 - We have release a new guide about How to select security flood lights for your home safety, in this guide, you can find very effect and good news about how to choose good home used flood lights.

( - We have release a new article about How to select security flood lights for your home safety, you can find more useful information in this article and this can saves you quite a lot effort and money.

It can be extremely worrying when you have a property that you believe may be targeted by burglars. Burglary can be debilitating and traumatic


for those affected, and we all want to do all we can to avoid it. Aside from burglar alarms, a good addition to a home security package is to install security flood lights. There are different flood lights on the market, so it is important to choose the right security flood light for your particular needs. Many homeowners regard a security flood light as a necessary addition to any home in today’s world. Regardless of the amount of high value items that you may own, a security flood light is a deterrent to a burglar. Sometimes the difference between a house that is burgled and a house that isn’t is simply the level of security that the house has.

Types of Security Flood Lights

There are numerous types of security flood lights on the market, with a myriad of variations and add-ons that can be purchased. However, there are three main types of security flood lights: motion sensor lights, Solar floor lights and LED or halogen flood lights. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. It will depend on the setting for the light on your property and how you wish to install it. Take time to work out which light is best for you before you invest.

Security flood lights are an effective crime prevention method. It’s easy to have them installed, so if you have concerns about home or commercial safety, it is worth investigating your options.

Comparison of these lights

It’s really important to pick the light that suits your needs before you buy. Main considerations are how far you want the light to reach, and how strong do you want the light to be.

LED security flood lights

The main benefit of an LED light is longevity. Despite the initial outlay, which may be higher than other lights, they will last far longer. They are also going to save you money on electricity, as they use far less, and on light bulbs as the LED bulbs last up to five times longer than a conventional bulb. One disadvantage of LED lights is the colour they emit. It has a slightly bluish tinge to it, and it is down to your personal preference whether or not this colour is suitable. Improvements in LED bulbs are occurring all the time. The light strength is stronger that it used to be and the colour differences are not always as stark as they were. LED lights can be directly positioned, so they are very useful if you need a specific area that needs to be lit, rather than a light that just produces a pool of light.

Halogen bulb flood lights

If you prefer an incandescent bulb for a more pleasing colour of light, be aware that you will spend more money on bulbs. Statistics show that an LED bulb will last up to twenty times as long as a traditional halogen bulb.

Solar lights

If energy efficiency and environmental issues are high on your agenda, a solar light may be your choice. These solar powered lights are more energy efficient than the LED lights. However, the downside is that the light they produce is not as strong as other security lights, so it may not be suitable for a large area.

Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor security flood lights are very popular. They rely on a Passive Infrared Sensor or PIR system which reacts to motion and heat under its path. Obviously it is very important to ensure that nothing that moves is placed in the path of the PIR light, for example a pet rabbit in a hutch will set the light off so should be moved out of its range. A motion sensor light ticks environmental boxes as well. As the light is only illuminated when it detects motion within its range, the light is not permanently on, so does not use up as much energy as a flood light that is on permanently.

Consideration before you buy these lights

Main considerations before buying a security flood light are how far you need the light to reach and how bright you need the light to be to provide effective security. If you need a light to illuminate a porch for example, you do not need a long range of light to be produced. However, if you are lighting a large area, such as a commercial yard, you may need a large area to be covered, so you will need a stronger beam of light. It is also important to consider local factors to the environment you wish to put the light in. For example, LED lights can cope with very cold temperatures, so if you live in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures, it may be worth choosing this light. It is vital to ensure that there is no light pollution provided by your light. If you plan to position your light outside your home, you need to ensure that the light does not infringe on a neighbour’s property. It is possible to angle a security flood light, but the strength of the beam of light should be considered in case you illuminate any one else’s property. Colour of light is an important consideration. A light that appears like natural daylight will most likely be more of a deterrent. This will be even more effective if it is triggered by a sensor, as any burglar will be shocked at the sudden influx of light and hopefully deterred from entering your property. Also, be aware of how intrusive your floodlight looks. It is possible to buy more discreet and aesthetic looking lights these days, but if your building has any sort of restrictions placed on outside décor, you will need to ensure that the light you choose conforms to these regulations. If you want your light to be on permanently during dark hours, there is no need to purchase a sensor operated security flood light. If you have a commercial property or car park to illuminate, you may wish to have a strong beamed light on permanently.

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