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A German software company breaks new ground

P&ID software for research and design of innovative process plants

10.08.2018 13:28:20 - The Department of Chemistry at the University of Hamburg uses CAD Schroer's P&ID software solutions to design innovative process plant.

( - Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – August 2018: To support research and educational institutions, CAD Schroer offers its software free of charge to students and their respective institutions. The software is primarily used for research projects and student work thereby enabling better results to be achieved.

P&ID software for the University of Hamburg
CAD Schroer software solutions have been used for years


at the Department of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Hamburg. The Department of Chemistry is one of the largest in Germany and also one of the most important research centers for chemistry in northern Germany. Sebastian Eller, who is currently completing his doctorate with the help of the software, is responsible for the design of an innovative plant for catalyzed polymerizations. CAD Schroer's P&ID software helps him to optimally design the plant and automatically generate associated documentation.

From the initial sketch to the detailed design
The faculty uses CAD Schroer's P&ID software in a variety of design stages. The P&ID is one of the most important diagrams in process engineering. It presents process pipework and instrumentation in schematic form. Due to the schematic representation, P&IDs are very clear and therefore easy to understand. P&IDs can be created quickly and easily with CAD Schroer’s P&ID software. The software also generates the list of parts required for construction at the touch of a button, directly from the P&ID. "In meetings, P&IDs and their associated parts lists facilitated clear communication between interested parties," says Sebastian Eller. "P&IDs helped to explain the process and the parts lists make it easier for everyone involved to keep track of the required budget.

Free Software for Free Research
In addition to its own research projects, which CAD Schroer carries out together with educational institutions and industry partners, the software developer also offers its own highly developed software to research and educational institutions completely free of charge. Educational institutions can provide their students with CAD Schroer software at no additional cost. The intelligent software can be used on personal PCs throughout the entire study period. Interested institutions or students can apply for CAD Schroer’s plant design and factory layout software packages free of charge via CAD Schroer’s website.
CAD Schroer offers its proprietary software to research and educational institutions completely free of charge. Educational institutions can make the software available to their students at no additional cost.

Research progresses faster with free tools ..
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CAD Schroer is a global software development company and engineering solutions provider, helping to raise the productivity and competitiveness of customers working in manufacturing and plant design, including the automotive sector and its supply chain, the energy sector and public utilities. CAD Schroer has offices and subsidiaries throughout Europe and in the United States.

CAD Schroer’s product portfolio includes 2D/3D CAD, plant design, factory layout and data management solutions. Customers in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA4®, MPDS4™ and STHENO/PRO® to provide an efficient, flexible and integrated design environment for all phases of product or plant design – cutting costs while raising quality. CAD Schroer emphasizes close customer partnerships and supports its clients’ objectives through extensive consultancy, training, development, software support and maintenance services.
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